Reading Options


Tarot Cards


Tarot Card readings are used as a map into your future. The cards are laid out in a fan to give an overall view of anything around you whether it be past, present or future. I am able to gain deeper insight to one's life path.  This causes me to provide guidance in the areas of love, work, family, relationships and finances.


Aura Reading


An aura reading is used to read your energy.  The energy reading can then answer any questions you may have.


Full Reading


Full readings are the combination of tarot card and crystals.  While the tarot cards act as the map to your future, the crystals shed additional light to any missing details.  In other words, a full reading will produce the most positive result to maintain a well-balanced life.


One Month Spiritual Coaching


The one month session is specifically designed for the individual's need.  Phone calls, in-person meetings, are arranged to help you get yourself back on track, 7 days a week.  This includes meditation, reading, cleansing and balancing sessions.


Chakra Balancing


Chakras are the key points for energy flow through your body.  Having well-balanced chakras ensures the proper energy is flowing through you, pulling in positivity and the best options for your life.


Please note: All services are offered in person or over the phone.